Location: Ayazağa, Sarıyer, Istanbul, Turkiye
Concept: Housing
Land m2: 50.467 m2
Construction m2: 252.40 m2
Number of Independent Units: 1.111 Residences

Built with the idea of "Another Istanbul" in the center of the city, Vadistanbul began to be experienced in the "Terrace" stage of 250 thousand square meters, which was completed in 17 months. Its construction was completed by the alliance of Invest İnşaat and Artas İnşaat.


“There is an utterly different Istanbul in it”



On one side of you is the Belgrad Forest, which gives refreshment to Istanbul and takes on a different shade of green in every season, while on the other side is the Sadabad Stream, through which the clean waters of the Bosphorus flow.




All the privileges that make social life lively, such as swimming pools, gym, kindergarten, children's playgrounds, hairdresser, and market, in which a total of 1111 residences are located on the Terrace Part, were put into service.

Spacious living spaces, a 760-meter-long shopping street open until midnight, stores with prestigious world brands, the silence of Sadabad Creek and the Belgrad Forest, the private air line for Vadistanbul and the opportunity to reach the main connection points of Istanbul in two steps are waiting for you.