A good future that is built on the happiness of today.

Our philosophy is,

"Most beautiful investment is the investment made into the future..."

A story starting with a small screw is transforming into the happiness of tens of thousands people by being processed through the years. We are finalizing all the dreams we bring to life with brand new happinesses. Because we believe that the vision which will add value to life, increase development momentum and feed the hopes for beautiful futures is “Quality projects for a happy life”.


Vadikoru, being composed of residence-office and commercial units, is opening the doors of a privileged.

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Life began at “Terrace” stage of Vadistanbul having an area of 250 thousand square meters and being completed in 17 months at the city center with the idea of “A different Istanbul”.

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Vadistanbul Bulvar bears the feature of being the biggest office complex in Turkey with its shopping mall open area shopping main street, cafe and restaurants, offices, and 5 star international hotel.

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When you move to your new house at Vadistanbul Park, you will find yourself in the colorful life of Terrace and Boulevard Stages.

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We are thinking for you, we are generating value for you..

At each stage from the starting of project until its ending we are thinking and producing by focusing on quality and satisfaction and with the correct investment approach we have developed we are working to make everyone gain.

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